Announced for PS4/PS5 for the open world sword fighting action Hyakusen Senji. Adventure jumping duel in the Koryo world

Chinese game maker Paper games announced on November 10 the Hansen Senna . The compatible platform that is now known is PS4/PS5.

It seems that Hansen Sen mo will be an open world action game. According to information such as trailers, the stage is in China in the late Tang Dynasty. The hero’s young man who was taken prisoner in the war awakened by wearing a mask. It is said that a confrontation with fate and beliefs will meet in the battle in the battle.

In the battle scene, in addition to physical surgery, he is fighting while playing enemy attacks with a sword. It is likely to be a battle system similar to SKIRT: Shadows Die TWICE. It seems that they are instantly changing after repealing the enemy’s attack, and it is possible to change the mask during the battle.

In the trailer, you can also see three-dimensional mobile actions that go up to the roof of the building by running and jumping. The location has appeared in various ways, all of which seem to be able to enjoy beautiful scenery. This work is considered an open world game, and it may be a form of exploring such a location.

The trailer also includes the battle against the boss, which is seen as a nemesis. The battle with the boss of a black costume called Konnan-men is developing. During the cut scene before the boss battle and during the battle, there are also conversations with Eye-Eve. In this work, it is said that the beliefs of the Tang dynasty change and survival between the protagonists and the nemesis are confronted. I also want to pay attention to the serious story that develops over to perish of Tang.


Paperbacks, which is based in China, works on this work. Until now, the company has developed works for popular smartphones such as the dress-up coordinates RPG Miracle Niki. The work has been greatly successful, exceeding the number of downloads worldwide. The company has stated that it will develop not only women’s games but also general titles, and has established Niki Co., Ltd., a Japanese branch office. This work, Hansen Sen mo, will be the beginning. Domestic trailers have stated that HERO is under screening, and it seems that domestic release can be expected.
This work is different from Paperbacks’s past work, transferring the platform to a console machine and changing the game play greatly. The company’s new challenge, which has succeeded in smartphones, is expected.

Hansen Sen mo will be released for PS4/PS5.