Twitch: Is Amouranth losing money after the exhibit? Streamer opens the game for fans

A few weeks ago, Amaranth made a shocking revelation on a live. Although it offered various types of content on Twitch (including hot tubes), we recently found that behind the scenes are unfortunately very sad and dark. Since then, haters, as always, made the life of the creator difficult, accusing her of lied about her marital experience to make buzz or even saying she has lost money. With all this Amaranth decided to pronounce .

Amaranth’s actions fell?

Since the revelations of the streamer, many mock her on the networks, saying that her actions are down. In response to all this, Amaranth said these people have no idea what they are talking about, and they don’t have a sense of investments in general.


Streamer adds that your purchase power has even doubled in recent months. To knock out your haters, it ends by saying, If you are trying to buy as much as possible, why do you want the price to be higher? An elegant number in a declaration of okerage seems louder? Of course, right?

Streamer fans are still so numerous

And the numbers prove it. Last weekend, she exceeded 6 million followers on Twitch. Your community is always present, regardless of the adventures the content creator had to face. Once again, and prefers to focus on those who support her instead of those who try to put her down through provocations.

As always, Kaitlyn is not intimidated and prefers to focus on his future as well as his future career. Now free to create the content you want, the streamer wants to spread your passion for animals through your nets. As for haters or those who try to laugh at their misfortune, she prefers to ignore them as always did.