Samsung 980 Pro NVME ™ M.2 SSD for PS5: Now in the top

The internal memory of the PS5 is quickly full thanks to huge games like Call of Duty War zone, GTA 5 or Destiny 2. With the help of the Samsung 980 Pro NVMe ™ M.2 SSD, you expand the memory of your PS5 by 1 or even 2 TB. At MediaMarkt you get the PS5 memory expansion in different sizes and variants, especially at the super-short promotion price.

Samsung 980 Pro NVMe ™ M.2 SSD: All models at MediaMarkt

Most of the PS5: Samsung 980 Pro Heat sink NVMe ™ M.2 SSD

You can drastically reduce the Samsung 980 Pro Heat sink NVMe ™ M.2 SSD at MediaMarkt with 1 TB memory (order now from MediaMarkt!) As well as with 2 TB memory (now order from MediaMarkt!). With the help of our instructions, you incorporate the SSD into your PS5 and now have enough fast memory for numerous PS5 games.

Samsung 980 Pro NVMe ™ M.2 SSD at a savings price at MediaMarkt

The SSD variants without heating are currently reduced. So you can use the Samsung 980 Pro NVMe ™ M.2 SSD with 500 GB (order now from MediaMarkt!) To ensure more space in the memory. With the 1-TB version (now order from MediaMarkt!) You are particularly well-equipped for the next storage space-intensive blockbusters and multiplayer games.

Note: Sony recommends installing 5 SSDs for installation in the PlayStation 5 SSDs. In order to meet these requirements, you have to grow a heat sink separately in these models.

Samsung 980 Pro NVMe ™ M.2 SSD for the PS5

Performance data of the SSD

With the Samsung 980 Pro NVMe ™ M.2 SSD, the manufacturer relies on the 4th generation PCIE® interface, which ensures double data transfer rate compared to an NVMe ™ SSD with PCIE®-3.0 interface. The SSD thus offers a maximum transmission speed of up to rapidly fast 7000 MB/s.

persistent performance thanks to Heat sink

The integrated heat sink of the Samsung 980 Pro Heat sink NVMe ™ M.2 SSD ensures high reliability. Even with intensive game sessions, the system temperature is kept as low as possible to ensure high performance and long-lasting performance. PlayStation manufacturer Sony recommends a model with a heat sink to installing SSD memory expansions in the PS5, which you can easily get here from the factory.


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