Does Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary will have a physical launch?


When Microsoft Flight Simulator reached the market in 2020, a physical version was available on PC, but with a small inconvenience. Instead of counting a single disc, the package includes 10. In this way, with the arrival of the 40th Anniversary, we had the doubt if something like this will happen again, but now with all the updates we have seen throughout the last two years in one place.

Thus, we recently had the opportunity to talk with the executive producer of As hobo Studio for Microsoft Flight Simulator about the possibility that the 40th Anniversary, as a complete package, is available, either on PC or Xbox consoles in physical format. This was what he told us:

The launch version used 10 albums, it was difficult to find someone who could make such a package. If we did the same with all the updates, we would be seeing a package with 15 or 16 discs, and I don’t know who is willing to do this. I also like to have my physical games, I like to have physical things, I like to see art. However, Microsoft Flight Simulator is not made for physical format.

When we talk about preservation, we refer to information. To the preservation of airplanes, but also of the scenarios.

Unfortunately, it seems that this will not be the case. Not only this, but the idea of the original launch of 10 albums was a miracle. Along with this, remember that Xbox’s album is just a key, since the experience is constantly growing, and the necessary information does not fit in a single disk. In related issues, developers reveal to us why they took so long to include helicopters. Similarly, here you can check our hands-on this expansion.