Rising Wings, Defense Derby main information on G -Star 2022

Rising Wings Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Jungkook and Rising Wings) unveiled the main information of the real-time strategy defense game ‘Defense Derby’ at the international game exhibition ‘G-STAR 2022’ held in BEX CO, Susan.

Defense Derby is a new fun multiplayer defense game that adds real-time auction elements to the tower defense genre. Four users must obtain a card through auction in real time, form a deck to defend their own castle from the monster until they become the last 1. Unlike the general tower defense game, users who are burdened by the auction element with psychological warfare and synergy effects according to the races, attributes and placement of cards can also experience the fun of competitive games.

Various modes are available, including multiplayer mode ‘Derby PVP Match’, ‘Breaking Stage Mode’ and ‘Dungeon Adventure’. The breakthrough stage mode is played with EVE play and must be blocked from the monster through the pre-combined card placement. In Dungeon Adventure, you can see a special stage at the can amine and trial canyon.

On the 18th, the Defense Derby A-Z was curious about it, and PD Rising Wings King Moon-cheol and Park Shanahan, PD, introduced the defense derby and explained the direction of the game. In addition, on the 20th, professional gamers such as human jelly, Ginsu, Ta Young, and Dunn participated in the derby PVP match and presented a strategic tower defense game play.

Rising Wings Park Shanahan PD said, Following the global pre-test in September, we could feel the interest of the defense derby at the G-Star site. I will try to showcase the game.

Defense Derby is being developed with the goal of making a global pre-booking and launch in the first half of next year. For more information, please visit the official site and the community.