Meeting the masterpiece IP, Lost Arc X The Witcher Collaboration Update

MMORPG Lost Arc of Smile gate RPG announced on Wednesday that it has officially updated collaboration content in collaboration with The Witcher of CD Project RED, one of the world’s best masterpiece IPs.

The collaboration will be held for about two months from today to January 18 (Wed). During this period, a new rest of the white wolf for collaboration is opened, and an event will be held to obtain a special item created through collaboration.


The rest of the white wolf, located off the coast of Bern, Króna, can be entered by any adventurer who plays Lost Arc. Adventurers can meet major characters such as Gerald and Heroine Jenifer, Dandelion, Siri, and This on the island, and enjoy the adventure story and play quests. In addition, through the quest, you can obtain a variety of rewards, including three kinds of combat potions of the Witcher, ▲ The Witcher Emoticon Pack, ▲ Install: Source of Power.

Smile gate RPG will also be given a commemorative coupon to commemorate this collaboration to all adventurers to acquire a special Rococo avatar. Adventurers can visit the Lost Arc official website and enter the coupon code white wolf friend Rococo and win the avatar.

Meanwhile, a new avatar for each class and a more Witcher-style weapon avatar, which were produced with the concept of Gerald and Siri, were also released. In addition, the theme of the Care Cohen region in the Witcher will also be introduced.

Smile gate RPG Support Gil said, We are very happy that Lost Arc will join the first collaboration with other game IP. I hope you will play the journey of The Witcher’s White Wolf Gerald, who visited the AirAsia world. I hope this collaboration will be a fun memory for RPG fans around the world.

Marcin Wins, co-representative and co-founder of the CD Project S.A., said, I know that I have worked hard to bring a true Witcher’s experience to Lost Arc, and I’m thrilled to see Witcher’s world meeting with AirAsia.

For more information about Lost Arc, visit the Lost Arc official website.