Is the center of the universe in Tulsa King real? Explained

In the Tulsa King series, Dwight Manfred wanders by Oklahoma and runs into a milestone in the city center known as the center of the universe. Many people from different areas of life come to this strange place, from tourists to spiritualists, to walk on their steps and experience something deep. This scene exemplifies the program, which is a strange story about an aged gangster forced by his criminal family to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, after completing his 25-year prison sentence. After the premiere of the episode where Dwight visits the center of the universe, many wonders is the center of the universe in Tulsa King Real?

Can people really listen to anything you say in the center of the Tulsa universe?

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According to several sources of online information, from articles, blogs, YouTubers and showrunner himself, the short response is: yes and no. The center of the universe is an acoustic anomaly that occurs on the concrete circle shown in the series. This concrete arrangement really exists and has been eroded, damaged and eroded over time. Another curious fact is that there are multiple places around the world called the center of the universe.

The location of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is located in the Tulsa arts district, as shown in the background when Dwight approaches. Historically, it used to be a pedestrian bridge that was destroyed by a fire in 1980 and then rebuilt in 1983, at which time it was known as the center of the universe, but no one is sure of how and why that name became popular.

When someone in Tulsa’s location stops in the center and speaks or makes a sound, that sound is amplified and echoes the person in the circle. If the person inside is speaking, his voice and his words will be distorted so that people who are outside the circle can listen but not completely understand the person in the center of the circle.


It must be interesting to experience it first hand, but not something as exciting as a roller or as tense mountain as potato chip rock for most people. However, it would be a must for anyone in the area, especially now that it has appeared in Tulsa King.

There is another important aspect of the Dwight scene that takes place in the center of the universe; It is a symbolic representation of the type of mysticism that could be explored more as the season progresses. It also identifies Dwight’s spiritual struggle with God when he begins to express his true feelings in the most vulnerable way. It is very likely that this location will become a common place for the capo and be part of the development of your character.

Whenever you see Tulsa King or if someone asks, you can answer the question; Is the center of the universe in Tulsa King Real? With two episodes currently, this program just begins, but with a veteran actor like Sylvester Stallone in the main role, it could become a popular series that will have several seasons. If you are enjoying Tulsa King, be sure to see another program of the same creator, Yellowstone, to see more criminal drama and action.

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