Apparently, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in development

Something common in the video game industry is the development of works that have many years behind, and one of the clearest examples is Beyond Good and Evil 2, which apparently continues in an encompassed stage. Since 2017 it was announced by Ubisoft, and from that moment we have only seen few advances that only include CGI.


In a new report it is mentioned that the game is in a locking phase, with some small areas with low resolution textures. That means that the game would be in stages of early development. Having a restart at some point, since last summer external game tests were being done, but this news would be a step back.

Some sites such as Insider Gaming have in their possession images and video provided under anonymity and with the condition that they are not made public, suggesting that the game was probably restarted from the pre-alpha demonstration tutorial that was shown in 2018.

Most of the images and videos provided show empty planets with blocked structures for buildings. Any structure that had some type of detail is of very low quality. As if it were a resolution of 480p or much lower.

Via: Insider Gaming

Editor’s note: It seems that several Ubisoft games are suffering from this. Since Prince of Persia’s remake: The Sands of Time and Skull & Bones also have development delay. It still remains to be seen.