Impressive Games reveals that they will play a greater role in the development of titles

Epic Games was once understood to introduce a plethora of various and unique video games.
Nevertheless, since the launch of the Legendary Games Shop, the developer has taken a break to develop his own video games and mainly concentrated on their sale.
The new online store was produced in direct competitors with Steam.
In numerous ways, they should behave like a valve and nearly stop creating new games.
All of this will change according to Epic Games.


The business announced that it was preparing to go back to what had actually made them famous in the very first location.
Development and publication of their own titles.
The indifferent method that Valve embraced to develop video games for the majority of the 2010s was somewhat frustrating for numerous fans.
For a while, it seemed that society was content to upgrade Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Data 2 up until our death.
This has changed just recently with the new variation of Half-Life: Alex, but this is an exception to the rule.
It appears that this is what Epic Games will attempt to prevent in the future.
A brand-new label has been developed called Legendary Games Publishing.
The name is not the most initial or the most impressive, it is clear what they will do.

Epic Games invested in 2015 catching little developers.
Ideally this will result in new original games on the horizon.
Because money is not truly an issue thanks to huge games like Fortnite on their list, the sky is the limit.
It will be intriguing to see what will originate from Legendary Games in the years to come.