Football World Cup 2022: Bela Rethy Has Said His Last Good-Bye

Who is Bela Retry? He was the face of the Hungarian broadcast for all major football tournaments since 1994. He has now said his last goodbye to the audience and the people who were following him on Hungarian channel M4E.

Bela Retry bid farewell to the spectators with a couple of personal words after his last initiative as a commentator.
I attempted to support everyone as well as take everyone with me, he stated at the end of the Globe Mug semi-final in between France and also Morocco (2-1) on ZDF.
I am delighted when it liked it, and sorry to those that I can not achieve. It’s not always easy. Regardless, I have to state, dear visitors, it was a great, terrific honor. Bye as well as sayonara.

Retry completed the last TV goal on his 66th birthday.
He got a bag of gummy bears from specialist Sandro Wagner as a present for the flow, he reported soon before kick-off.
Which TV terminal broadcasts the FIFA Globe Cup video games 2022 live?
Magenta TV shows all 64 games live, 16 of them exclusively (consisting of 2 round of 16 and also a quarter-finals).
The ARD broadcasts 24 video games live, including the last German team game versus Costa Rica along with finals and the last.
In ZDF the video games of the groups F, G and H.
Bela power with you, it’s actually a pity that you stop, claimed previous international Wagner after an excellent 60 minutes of the game.
Thanks, good example. Thanks, tale, he stated after the last whistle.

Bela Retry Will A mug of peppermint tea

For the game, Retry had actually desired that Morocco could maintain up for a long time, 5 to six goals as well as a game without an extension so that we can still obtain a mug of peppermint tea-as he placed it with a wink.
At the very least the wish for a game end after 90 mins came real.
In his last game, as well, Retry commented on his very own style.
He hoped that at the next World Mug the referees will certainly no longer describe to the players in edge rounds as long as they need to behave.
It resembles at the tree nursery, he claimed mockingly in the final phase of the initial fifty percent.
Retry has actually been benefiting the ZDF for the ZDF given that 1986, because 1994 as an online reporter in all major events.


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I am pleased when it liked it, and sorry to those that I could not achieve. It’s not constantly easy. In any type of case, I have to claim, dear customers, it was a great, fantastic honor. Bye and also adieu.