Skate 4 Behind The Scenes: Has It Been Worth The Wait?

In a recent interview with Game informer, the developers at EA talked about Skate 4 and what it will involve. The highly anticipated game is still in early development stages and so far features such as a new all skate approach that no longer requires different buttons for different tricks. Now, it’s much more intuitive when trying to learn new tricks.

It’s been a month and a year to day because the day has actually revealed that they were going to start dealing with a new skate video game.


Move forward until today and Skate 4 continues its essential custom of not being in our hands.
Do not be scared;
The developer Cycle has published a little something to let us know.
The Other Day, Full Circle informed us that Skate 4 would not be at EA Play Live this week, but rather, they would reveal us something today.
A little backstage sequence reveals us that the standard work is being postured, but is not prepared for the program.
That stated, they showed the gameplay to a few picked individuals.
In this backstage video, we see a great deal of gameplay reactions (which are not shown to us) and we see skaters in motion capture costume.
Clearly, this video deliberately teases us.
It was again at the start of its advancement, but want to see a brand-new logo design or something like that.
As they state, they work there.
When it is prepared, it will be prepared.
What to say?
We do not have an exit chronology or gameplay sequences to delight us, but we just need more persistence.
Hopefully Skate 4 or whatever his name will be worth date.
Possibly the brand-new game will be restarting and will simply take place Skate.

What do you wish to see in the new skate video game?
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