The Best Horror Games On Steam

Video Games are an exciting way to spend your time. Whether you enjoy the action, fantasy, or sports-related games, there is something for every1. However, if you’re looking for something a little different from what is typically offered, horror games might be just what you need to add some scary fun to your gaming experiences.

Horror games as a category are not for everybody, but there are numerous that are worth attempting, no matter how frightening you are.
There are a heap of games in the genre and practically all have interesting worlds and incredible stories to check out.
Selecting a video game rather than another is incredibly challenging, however we provided it our best blow.
Here are a few of the finest horror video games available on Steam.
For a few of the video games on this list, the entire series could have been added, but we have picked to adhere to the most popular title.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 acquired popularity as a multiplayer survival scary video game.
You and up to three pals play as survivors in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
There are 5 campaigns for you and your group to combat to escape infected people.
What made this game so distinct during its first getaway is its altering trouble in a dynamic way.
The game becomes much easier or more tough depending on your progress.
This game leaves a long-lasting impression on almost all those who play there.
Lots of opponents will haunt you and your team, long after your escape.

Death in daylight

You will certainly appreciate Dead by Daylight if you like video games like Murder Mystery.
It is a multiplayer game in which a gamer presumes the function of a serial killer to track others.
The survivors should accomplish a series of tasks to be able to leave while avoiding being captured by the killer.
As a killer, the video game world provides many opportunities to terrify other players.
As a survivor, you will pass each lap on the edge asking yourself if the killer is just at the corner of the street.

Metro 2033 Redux

This is a remake of the timeless Original City 2033 cult launched in 2010. The City series is based on an excellent series of books by Dmitry Glukhovsky.
You embody Arty om, a survivor of a terrible apocalyptic event, dealing with other survivors in the old metro stations under Moscow.
This video game is an FPS of survival and horror that will keep you posted throughout history.
Arty om should combat to endure an assault of mutants caries hiding in the city tunnels.
Gamers will have to fight or use stealth to safeguard the arty om home from mutants and enemy soldiers.

Resident Evil 2

The entire Citizen Evil series has an enormous fans base and for a great factor.
Local Evil 2 stands out amongst all as one of the determining games of the kind of horror.
It is a dark atmospheric survival video game developed to challenge gamers of all skill levels.
It provides an immersive story that accompanies you long after the end of the game. The players explore Raccoon City with the RPD officer Leon Kennedy and the trainee Claire Redfield.
You will need to battle, explore and solve puzzles to endure while a pandemic changes the local population into zombies.
If you missed the original release in 1998, a remake was released in 2019 which is available on Steam.

extraterrestrial insulation

It is the best video game for all fans of the alien or extraterrestrial vs predator of movies.
The video game tells a unique story taking location on the planet of sci-fi created by Ridley Scott.
The video game is an atmospheric and psychological scary FPS which requires a lot of stealth and improvisation to make it through.
You play Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s child, while going to Sevastopol Station to discover what happened to her mother on the US CSS Nostrum.
Soon after showing up at the station, a Mesomorph sticks out and begins to create chaos.

Ripley should utilize stealth to get away the ruthless Mesomorph, Haywire robotics and panic team members.

Loki literature club

In the beginning glance, the Loki literature club resembles another simulation of visual meetings and unique.
Although it is a visual novel, this is not what you get out of the genre.
You play a secondary student who joins the entirely female literature club.
You will interact with other members of the club, will participate in the activities of the club and even compose poetry.
By continuing to play, you will be required to explore the themes of anxiety, suicide, self-destructive ideas and self-harm.
It is not a video game for children or individuals who are quickly activated or disturbed.


SOMA is a game of science fiction mental scary developed by Frontal Games, the very same studio that has actually established Amnesia and Penumbra.
The video game occurs in a separated and claustrophobic submarine setup which has experienced much better days.
Gamers will need to look for setup while preventing malfunctioning monsters and robots.
You will need to find the last staying survivors while unraveling a story that will make you question your own identity.


This is not a video game you should play before going to bed.


The First Encounter Attack Reconnaissance or F.E.A.R.
is an FPS of Survival Horror which arrived at the marketplace for the very first time in 2005. You embody a member of a special working group sent to apprehend a strange paramilitary group that abducts individuals.
As a group leader, you will require to investigate a little girl named Alma and a series of paranormal activities.
This series is motivated by movies like the ring to produce a frightening and exciting experience.

Dead area 2

Dead Area 2 is a third-person survival and horror shooting video game that occurs three years after the end of the previous game.
The gamers play the role of the former engineer Isaac Clarke while navigating the Sprawl area station in the middle of a mesomorphs problem.
Gamers will need to use special weapons, telekinesis and fight without G in order to endure and get the answers that Isaac is searching for.
While Dead Space 3 has actually gotten a lukewarm welcome, each game in this series is worth the detour for its special game mechanisms and its amazing history.

Dreaming light is an FPS Open World Survival Video game comparable to the Dead Island series.

The video game shares certain ideas with movies like I am a legend.
The world is plagued by an unknown pandemic which transforms the population into zombies.
Throughout the day, it is (fairly) sure to explore the city of Harlan and bring together the resources essential to make it through.
In the evening, contaminated hordes increase in size and become more aggressive.
When beasts controlled by players called Night Hunters begin to appear, the nightfall ends up being even more dangerous.
As a main character, you will have to decide whether you desire to complete the objective turned over to you or assist the remaining survivors of the city.