When Will Season 2 Of Jujutsu Kaisen Be Released?

Since the first anime season ended in 2020, fans have anxiously waiting for the next installment of the Jujitsu Kaiser series.
Fortunately, although they have not obtained much information about the launch, at least more content has appeared since then, since there was a prequel film, Jujitsu Kaiser 0, which came out in 2021 (2022 in the US. UP.).


Now, we also know when Season 2 of Jujitsu Kaiser is officially ready to leave.

Release date of Jujitsu Kaiser season 2

BREAKING: Jujitsu Kaiser Season 2 of the television anime begins in July 2023!

-Crunchyroll (@Crunchyroll) December 17, 2022,
According to Crunchyroll, Jujitsu Kaiser Season 2 will arrive this summer, in July 2023. The news jumped on December 17, 2022, surprising many.
Along with this, an official characters’ presentation trailer was also presented for the season that offers fans a good look at some new and recurring stars of the program.
At the moment, there is not much new information outside what was presented.
Zappa will continue to be in charge of producing anime, and will premiere in Crunchyroll, and the bent version of the program will arrive at a later date.
For now, that is all you need to know about when Season 2 of Jujitsu Kaiser is officially ready to leave.
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