How To Tell How Long You Have Been Friends On Steam

If you want to see how long you have been friends with someone on Steam and want to know if you have been their friend for a few days or maybe even years, then this article is the one for you!

Have you been on Steam for numerous years and have you included various pals to your list?
Now you wish to see the length of time you have been buddies on Steam, however find no tool on the video game platform?
Here you will discover a technique, as you can see this, under certain conditions.
Can you see on Steam how long you are friends?
Even if there is no advertisement in the friend summary of Steam, you can still see the length of time you’ve been good friends on the game platform.


There is a constraint: This only works if both people have a public profile and the trading function is triggered.

Due to the fact that if the stock is private or is not offered for trade, you can not get any offers.
How can I see the length of time you are good friends on Steam?
To do this, merely recommend a trade to the other individual.
At the leading left you will see an advertisement on for how long you have been buddies on Steam.
Here there is a detailed guideline on how to follow your homepage:
Action: Go on your name on top right and choose Pals.
Step: In the summary you click the relevant individual.
Step: In the top right of the profile you can now see a button with 3 points and an arrow down, click it.
Step: Now choose the Suggest trade alternative in the window.
Now a brand-new window opens.
In this you can see how long you have been good friends on Steam.
Supplied that the person is open to trading propositions.
This also works by means of the Steam customer by going on your profile name in the top of the bar and clicking Pals there.
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What happens when I have reached the optimum variety of friends?
You can amount to 255 player accounts as pals on Steam.
You can no longer get any more invitations or send yourself if you have built up so lots of buddies over the years and that you get to the limitation.
Keep in mind: Not only your pals in the list count, however also impressive inquiries.
This implies that you can create more space for brand-new pals by withdrawing friend requests that have actually not yet been accepted.
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