2000 People Attend Funeral For Ex-Serbian Soccer Coach Mihajlovic

In a show of solidarity and support, over 2000 people gathered in Rome on Monday to pay their final respects to the late Finish Mihajlovic. The former Serbian soccer coach was remembered fondly by friends, family, and fans who attended the funeral service – a reminder that his legacy will live on.


Around 2000 people took part in the funeral service for Finish Mihajlovic in Rome on Monday.
Managers, coaches and footballers participated in the ceremony in the basilica Santa Maria Deli Angel, consisting of the entire team from Mihajlovic’s last club FC Bologna.
The coffin was performed of the church by Italy’s nationwide coach Roberto Mancini, who had actually had fun with Mihajlovic for a very long time, and from the previous Lazio star Dean Markovic.
There were also gamers from Roger Stern Belgrade and the Serbian national group, along with the top of the Italian football association and Rome Mayor Roberto Guarnieri.
Mihajlovic lived in Rome for a number of years, the city in which he moved as a Lazio Rome player in the 1990s.
LazioFosi set fire to Mihajlovic’s honor smoke bombs in the club colors sky white and blue.
Mihajlovic was launched as Bologna coach in September.
In July 2019, the previous free kick professional announced in a press conference that he had leukemia, he continued to pursue his occupation.
He passed away last Friday at the age of 53.