Sand Land anime bed on comic book by Akira Toriyama

It is already official;
The mysterious Sand Land Project of Banzai NAMC Entertainment is actually an anime bed on the manga of the same name of Akira Oriya, the famous manga creator influential Dragon Ball or Dr. Slump, among others.
This h been confirmed by their own responsible through a first teer trailer that you can see on these lines and that lets us see at lt the style of this new adaptation of a manga to the animated format.

Sand Land Project will be an anime, not a game

Thus, with the Jump Fest already presenting the main novelties of such popular anime Spy X Family, Chainsaw Man, One Piece, Bleach, Jujitsu Kaiser or Naruto, among others, it h finally been confirmed that the mysterious Sand Land Project, of which we had
A first teer a week ago, it will finally be an anime and not a video game, many believed.
A new animated adaptation that will arrive next year on a date yet to be completed.
And beyond confirming its anime format and this first look at its animation, little more is known about Sand Land’s new anime, not even a miniseries or limited series or a film, since the original story
It does not give for a series of many chapters it is a single self-chclusive volume;
Not being, of course, they expand their universe to offer more chapters, although it does not seem to go there.
Of course, thanks to this first glance we can confirm that its animation will be CGI style, although the designs are totally respectful of Oriya’s original work, maintaining their particular pect.
This new sand land anime is a co-production between several studies such Anima, Kamikaze Doug and Sunrise, famous for anime such Batman Ninja-the first two-O Mobile Suit Gundam-El Herero.


We hope to know more news about this new anime starring the Sherri Ran and company in this crazy desert world devised by Oriya.