Dumans Dual Luck and Weinzierls Wish: 1. FC Nürnbergs Stunning Comeback Victory in the DFB Cup

Easier also knows that: We can already read the table. Versus St. Pauli in the house video game it was as good as today, but you also need luck, the 50:50 moments. Today we had it versus St. Pauli
It will be a tight video game once again on Saturday. We will regrow well, but self-confidence for the head will be really important.

I believe that we have actually made an excellent video game in the very first half and after that have to accept an objective through the first chance of Fortuna Düsseldorf, said Club coach Markus Easier after the memorable 5: 3 triumph in the penalty shootout, which definitely
Memories aroused the triumphal procession to the 2007 cup, when the Nuremberg had to go into the charge shootout two times on their method to the title in Berlin.
Consisting of in the round of 16 (2: 1 i.E. versus Interacting).
We safeguarded ourselves and returned to the eleventh hour, stated Easier, mentioning the late balance of substituted Taycan Human, who had actually likewise been fortunate in his goal because Christoph Lear ( I feel the ball
still on the ear ) a Düsseldorf fake decisively.
An FCN goal had not been in the air at this moment.

Human and the training deficit

Human, who was born in Moers not far from Düsseldorf and from 2012 to 2019 seven years-starting in the children of Fortuna, should not have actually played that long: He is in fact not prepared, he still has training deficit. He did it well, stated Easier.
Why had he brought the 25-year-old offending gamer in the 72nd minute?
His positive way, he truly has a good time every day and go complete throttle. I knew that he could decide a game with an action, stated Easier.
If you come back after such an injury, you simply want to base on the pitch and have favorable energy. He provided it to the team today and accomplished the equalization.

Probably he had plus 240

Human lastly played a little with Fortuna in the charge shootout.
Because after the 25-year-old stopped working with his very first attempt at Florian Steinmeier, Referee Matthias Hollenbach had the charge repeat due to the fact that the F95 keeper had no longer stood on the goal line during the execution.
Probably he was 240, in the end it was likewise lucky. But you require that in the cup so that you get on, stated Easier about Humans in the second attempt.
The choice of the penalty shooters was not so simple for weather-related reasons alone, stated the 48-year-old: Firstly, I was so frozen that I couldn’t write and then could not understand it at all.


However, it rapidly ended up being clear: Felix Zookeeper waved off, he has actually included problems. Lino Tengelmann was not so enthusiastic either, but we discovered the right ones.

Easier wishes for brand-new confidence

The unexpected turn versus Düsseldorf, crowned with the lucrative quarterfinal catchment in the cup, undoubtedly alters the mood in the Nuremberg, which after the break with a 0-1 against St. Pauli and after that for the fans probably far worse 0: 1 in
Derby started in Fürth.
In the table, however, there is still 16th place and thus an acute risk of transfer.
Easier likewise knows that: We can currently check out the table. Versus St. Pauli in the home video game it was as good as today, but you also need luck, the 50:50 moments. Today we had it against St. Pauli
Thanks to the cup success, Easier is now also concentrating on a favorable result for his group in the league, beginning against his ex-club John Regensburg.
It will be a tight game once again on Saturday. We will regrow well, but self-esteem for the head will be extremely vital. And I hope that this will bear the next few weeks.