8 Overrated Video Games: Is the Hype Around Pokemon & CoD Justified? – Nintendo & Activision

Every player understands her: Hype games!
Video games that almost everybody loves and commemorates.
But of course huge names such as COD, Fortnite or Pokémon also attract counter voices.
That is why our community on Facebook asked which video games they consider extremely overdue and that is the result.

Skyrim, Cod and more: Do you earn the buzz?

What is a true masterpiece for one gamer is simply a game for the other.
Your interesting answers on Facebook expose why sometimes you just do not understand why Skyrim or The Last of Us are celebrated.
An inadequate tutorial, weak gameplay or absence of development.
Why is nobody else bothering these issues?
Nevertheless, you should not forget that it might be just as incomprehensible to somebody else why you like your favorite game.


As is well known, tastes are various.
Do you believe these eight games should have the hype?
Are there games where you can’t comprehend why they are celebrated?
Like to compose it in the remarks.