Samuel Acegameram Girard Conquers Unimaginable Record of Playing All N64 Games in 5 Years – How Many N64 Games Are There & How Long Did It Take?

Do you know how numerous N64 video games there are and for how long it would require to play all?
The Canadian banner Samuel Acegameram Girard found it out and played them all in the live stream.

Streamer plays all N64 games

Observing every game for the N64 is an impressive achievement.
In the case of Samuel’s Acegameram Girard, all 296 is called Each.
(Source: Nintendo via Waybackmashine).
In over 5 years he played all the video game reside on his Twitch channel.
Girard is a collector of retro video games.
His passion began about twelve years earlier, he stated in an interview with Radio Canada.
He mainly gathers video games from Nintendo consoles, i.e. NEW, SNES and N64.
Sega’s old consoles, such as Dream cast or Genesis, have actually likewise done it to him.
(Source: Radio Canada).
The N64 traditional Golden eye 007 will quickly be launched for the Switch and the Xbox:

the excellent and the bad games

At the beginning of the obstacle, Girard had 3 individuals who selected his video games.
Since they only gave him the classics and pushed the bad video games in reverse, thanks to the obstacle number of spectators, his neighborhood figured out the order of the games.
When a game is considered to be ended, a discord server has actually identified rules.
Seeing the last employer as an end just didn’t operate in sports video games.

By the way, its whole playing time utilized for the obstacle is 3,388 hours than a little more 141 days.
(Source: Samuel Girard).


In an interview with Radio Canada, Girard reveals that Micro Machines 64 Turbo has been tormenting him-and for an overall of 45 hours.
With Aidan Chronicles, he didn’t have a lot of enjoyable which for over 83 hours.
His highlights included Banjo Kazoo, Perfect Dark and Daddy Kong Racing.
However, the obstacle ended Girard with his favorite game: Super Mario 64. For him, the circle closed because this video game accompanied him in his youth, and it was the extremely first game he ever played on the N64.