Confirm Date for Ashs Supplanting in Pokemon – New Character Debut and Definitive Date Revealed

For a few months ago something quite painful for Pokémon anime fans, and that is the official game of the protagonist, Ash Ketchup, who apparently finished his cycle when he becomes a champion has revealed.
In fact, the animation study itself has already revealed to the characters that will be the new heroes.
For now, it has been mentioned that the names of these are Like and Roy, who apparently come from the Pale region, a region where Scarlet and Violet games are developed.
Beyond that there are not many data, and above all, if they will have some connection time with Ash, or on the contrary, if they will be totally oblivious to their adventures.
Something that attracts quite attention is the recent announcement that was made regarding animation, since on April 14 they will transmit the first chapter that will see the beginnings of these guys.
It is known that they will have trips like Ash, and for what is seen in the illustrations, they will have with the team the three initial monsters of Pale.
At this time Pokémon is releasing some chapters that will give Ash a definitive farewell, which see very dear characters like Brock and Misty return on a trip with the now champion.
The best thing is that in each of them changes equipment, so the nostalgia of seeing old acquaintances has caused fans sighs.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: It is certainly a bit sad to say goodbye to Ash, even if some no longer saw Pokémon’s anime because of how repetitive it became.


However, it is the necessary step that the series should have, so it could finally compete with Digimon.