Discover the Ghosts and Trolls of Hogwarts Heritage | Harry Potter Series

Remember the troll in the bathroom from the first Harry Potter film?
When Harry pulls out a magic wand from the nose of the troll, it is all covered with ghosts of the trolls.
Well, these disgusting ghosts-trolls are returning to the Hogwarts heritage.
And they are also not useless, since these ghosts of the trolls are an important ingredient for the preparation of the potion of invisibility, so the question arises where to find the ghosts of the trolls in the Hogwarts heritage.

Heritage Hogwarts: Locations of Ghosts Trolls

As the name, the ghosts of the trolls are created by the trolls themselves.
The easiest way to force several ghosts-trolls to cook the potion of invisibility or complete the task of Professor THAI, before you can learn Descend, is just to buy several ghosts in the J Pippins Potions store in Hogs mid.
Keep in mind that this method of obtaining ghosts of trolls in Hogwarts’s Heritage may be easier, but it is also expensive.
Each ghost of the troll in the store will cost you 100 gold, and their number is limited.
The supply is replenished after about 2-3 days, so you can check later if you have too much cash.
Another way to get the ghosts of the trolls is to find and defeat the trolls in the Nigeria or during the missions.
Trolls are usually in caves in areas such as lake Marvin or Beecroft.
You will also encounter them in some side quests or fight them on combat arenas.


Below is a map (kindly provided by Map genie) with marked caves where you can find a troll.
Another place where you can find trolls is the most obvious place for their search under bridges.
Wherever you notice a large stone bridge in the open world, check under it, and you will probably find 1 or 2 trolls.
Defeat them to collect several ghosts of trolls.

How to win trolls

The trolls are slow, but they hit a lot, so you need to be very careful, fighting with them.
Most of the troll attacks cannot be blocked, except a throw of stone.
Whenever you see a troll digging in the ground, be prepared to play the long and take this stone back to the troll.

Follow this with Stupefy, and you ultimately stun the trolls, causing them slight damage.
Exallearmus can also be used to disarm the troll, and then you can use the same club to hit the troll once, which will inflict pretty decent damage.
Spells such as Arvada a Cedar or even ancient magic will kill the troll with one blow.