How to Get All Cran Game Rewards in Wanted: Dead – Take on the Rebel Gangs and Synthetic While Having Fun!

In addition to their daily task of protecting the streets of Hong Kong from rebel gangs and synthetic, Wanted: Dead will ask players to have fun with several miniguegos in which to participate.
One of the best mini-games is Crane Game, with a good selection of rewards to win.
Looking to dominate the game of the crane and get all its secrets?
This is what you need to know.

Win the crane game in WANED: Dead

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As the name implies, Crane Game is the same rigged gadget that you will find in public places, with many rewards mocking you while the machine fights your attempt to win.
There are two games of cranes in Wanted: Dead, with a total of eighteen figurines that you can collect between both and additional musical pieces that are also at stake.
Among Missions, you will find both Crane Games on the fourth floor of the Police Headquarters at the Play Room.
On the contrary, if you enter the combination easily, you can play the mini-game from the main menu, although it is much more complicated in this way.
When you play the orange game, you will be thirty seconds to try to grab an object of your choice.
You can use the controls to approach or move at a different angle, but the zoom is mediocre, so it would avoid using it unless it is necessary.
You can also kick the machine up to three times to shake the objects inside it to have a better opportunity to pull what it needs, but if you kick it a fourth time, the machine will crash, so be very careful.


Getting a reward will grant you 100 skill points to level up in the skill tree, and we strongly recommend that you participate in this activity.

All Crane game rewards

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As mentioned, there are eighteen miniatures distributed in both Crane Games according to the characters you will interact in the campaign.
When it comes to collecting the eighteen, you will find yourself in situations where the machine has only what you have already collected.
The only remedy is to leave Crane Games and re-enter, as this will update the stock inside.
Below are all the figures:
Mr. Vacation
Mrs. Wong
Leg peanut
Spider tank
Space fugitive
Ramen robot
That is all you need to know about the crane game, including how to get all rewards.
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