How to Get Into the Kitchen in Hogwarts Legacy: A Gryffindor Guide to Finding Rotten Rostbif and An Almost Headless Nickname for Galkas Grave

Are you a Gryffindor who wants to find a slightly rotten Frostbit in order to give an almost headless nickname for the grave of Gala a quest or was simply hungry, knowledge of how to get access to the Hogwarts heritage in heritage is an important part of making sure that you have investigated every secluded
The corner that the game offers.
This is how you can penetrate the kitchen.

where to find the kitchen in Hogwarts Legacy

If you are Hufflepuff, getting to the kitchen is quite easy.
Just go down to the common room and go directly through the doorway leading to the hall.
Follow the corridor until you reach a picture with fruits long to the floor on the right side.
The picture is located in that part of the corridor that leads to a spiral staircase and the rest of the castle.


If you are not Hufflepuff, you can find the kitchen below.

Big hall.
In a large staircase, a section, a quick journey into a large staircase is the location of the fireplace.
To the right of you is a spiral staircase decorated with stone leaves.
Go down the stairs (make sure you took the page with the guide before the table book, which is put on display), and you will find fruits to the floor, suffocating to the left of you in the hall in front of you.
Now that you have found a picture with a pear, throw Revelry to capture the page of the leadership on the field floating in front of art.
It seems that there is a small mistake when interaction with tickling a pear does not appear when the first interaction with the picture.
If this is your case, leave the picture and perform another quest before returning.
This should work when you come back.
As soon as the opportunity to tickle the pear comes up, interact with the picture, and it will turn into an opening door.
In the kitchen, you can find several collecting items, including a blue handle of a basket weaving and a striped mantle of walnut wood.
There are also two pages of the leadership on the field and the locked chest of the first level that awaits while you find them.
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