The last sofa #5: resist and survive

Welcome to El Last Sofa, the podcast in which we comment, episode to episode, the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us.
In this fifth installment, Marta Trivia and Juan Salas comment on the fifth episode of the series, resist and survive.
You can listen to the episode by clicking here.
Not even the infected-this week there are many, of all kinds-they wanted to miss the part with Henry and Sam.

It is said of course that the series is being followed, so eye: there are spoilers.
And attention!
Two by one: You also have the comment of the fourth episode, please, do not release my hand, in which Marta, Juan and Oscar follow the trip of Ellie and Joel.
You can listen to it here.
The last sofa is a podcast about The Last of Us, the HBO series that adapts the Naughty Dog video game;
In it, we commented episode to episode the series, exploring its themes, the ways in which the game adapts and more.
Originally published as a pilloried, the thing ended up becoming this new program;
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That’s all for today!
We listen to each other next week.