Sofia Goggia Wins Womens Downhill in Crans Montana – Kira Weidle Misses Out on Title Fight Revenge

Alice Robinson looks back on a not very easy season, however she seems to discover it gradually back fit as well as strikes again to attack the leading ranges
It can no more intervene at the extreme front, yet with eleventh area she can take a look at a really solid performance
Stephanie Penal (Sui)
Stephanie Penal can strive far more pleased
It is actually strong for a very long time as well as does not lose way too much listed below
With 1.38 seconds behind it, she will certainly have a great 18th as well as is ideal in an excellent state of mind
Juliana Outer (SUI)
It continues with Juliana Outer, that had to persevere at the beginning for a very long time due to the many shifts
She drives the first section correctly as well as is there, however after that it goes back for her, and also she can no longer do it under the leading 15
Evening Muzaferija (BIH)
The race is as soon as again disrupted
Evening Muzaferija lifts it out, and also she winds up on the web
She stays unscathed and promptly stands again
Nadine stuck (AUT)
Nadine Fest is the last Austrian on the incline, however she can’t do a lot either
In the European Cup she was able to win on this incline last week, but nothing jumps out in the Globe Mug!
She goes into her race as well as with almost 3 seconds she will certainly still have to see and wait whether there is anything countable today
Marta Passino (ITA)
Marta Passino really wanted to oppose the Super G today, yet after it was terminated, the Italian determined at short notice to take the departure with them instead
It’s worth it, since with 15th location you can do a good specific outcome
Loggia is in the lead
After the initial 30 athletes, it is Sofia Loggia that leads the field
The Italian entered into her keep up a great deal of self-confidence which made the big difference today in tough conditions
With a time of 1: 26.81 minutes, she is 0.15 seconds ahead of her colleague Federica Brig none
Laura Gauche drove forward to third area with a high number
The view has improved lately, so shocks are still quite feasible
19 professional athletes are still in the start listing
Nadia Delano (ITA)
Nadia Delano completes the group of the initial 30 athletes
Do you do well in putting stress once more now?
Not fairly
It goes right into her course with depend on, but it is not enough for greater than 19th place
Christina Age (AUT)
Christina Age is the next Austrian
In the European Cup she was there properly, what’s going on worldwide Mug today?
Regrettably not much
It can not make use of the great view over for her purposes and also after a harsh mistake, the deficit is promptly huge
It loses nothing at the bottom as well as with 14th location, at least it is enough for the leading 15
Tamara Tippler (AUT)
Early end for Tamara Tippler
She drives also straight to the goal and afterwards drives past the following goal
Nicole Delano (ITA)
Nicole Delano will certainly not be successful
In the top section, she makes far also numerous small errors as well as merely can refrain anything any longer
With 2.52 seconds behind the top 20, she will certainly have to be behind the leading 20
Laura Gauche (FRA)
The following professional athlete is currently on the inclines with Laura Gauche as well as she is also doing actually well with a much better view in the very first component
Does a good time come out for the French woman?
And just how!
Near the bottom she can really show up once more and in fact leaps onto the podium as the third!
Ariane Adler (AUT)
Ariane Adler might not take part in the World Cup after an injury
Below she does her task rather neat as well as delivers a cheeky as well as kicked back trip
She can no more intervene at the very front, but with 14th place she is successful in a result with which she can check out the competitors with complete satisfaction
Delia Durer (SUI)
It proceeds with the young Swiss Delia Durer, that just completes her 15th Globe Mug today
Much up is far too late in case of a swing, needs to get out and after that can not do much
Over 2 seconds behind not much even more than 20th location
Isabella Wright (United States)
Isabella Wright is perfect and also puts stress on the most effective athletes for a lengthy time
The mistake comes soon prior to the finish line and also the American takes out
The good news is, she slides over the slopes right into the fence
Federica Brig none (ITA)
Can Federica Brig none annoy the leading individuals once again?
It has a truly great view and also makes pressure from the initial meter towards the current top 3. She goes to a lot of stress, usage joy with the great problems as well as in fact pushes itself in 2nd location with a fantastic time
At the goal, Brig none recognizes no more as well as support with the audience for a good time
Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT)

Ramona Siebenhofer today contests her 200th Globe Cup race
In the first goals she is still well with it, yet then she holds excessive back, does not appear to wish to take complete risk as well as she has over 2 secs behind the finest time
In the end it is even over 4 seconds that she loses
Siebenhofer remembers of the shake of the head
Michelle ISIN (Sui)
Michelle ISIN is the next athlete
The sight above is not ideal, but ISIN goes right into her run with count on as well as that pays off
It maintains the distance within limitations as well as begins the 5th intermediate ranking via this hard flow
What can she venture out listed below, where the view is really great currently?
She puts a great deal in, but it does not leave the podium
With 72 hundreds, it is sixth
Races interrupted
The race is currently still disturbed
It is serviced the fencing
Presently, however, the sight at the beginning has additionally become very bad
Miracle swings away
Miracle has currently strapped the skis once more and also decreased the slope independently
Romans Miracle (FRA)
Loss by Romans Miracle!
She is actually rotten luck and the sight is much worse once again
Miracle lifts as well as slides right into the fencing when she gets stuck in the goal
She can establish herself once again and also appears to be unscathed
Joana Fallen (Sui)
For Joana Richter, also, it is now vital to put whatever in and also make use of the excellent course problems on top
She opts for a great deal more trust than the runners before her, can not be disrupted by smaller technological mistakes and also is 0.62 secs behind the strong third place!
The leading athletes are now advised
There is still a lot in it if the sight fits and also the professional athletes go in with depend on
Stephanie Veneer (AUT)
The view has even more boosted at the top and also the problems for Stephanie Veneer are currently great
Yet the OSV runner can not utilize this and also after she is still on it, she leaves a lot afterwards as well as simply can not put the turns tidy
It enters the completed with over two secs and will certainly have to line far behind
Cornelia Hunter (AUT)
Recently, the athletes had no other ways to intervene in the front places and likewise for the next Austrian, the leading ranges seem to be a lot of speed as well as time in the top, hard part
After a jump, she turns lightly and also sheds on
She has no choices and also can not take far more than 14th area
Elena Burton (ITA)
Can Elena Burton still interfere and press her compatriot from the throne?
It doesn’t appear that way, due to the fact that she also has a large space to the very best professional athlete
With 1.63 secs behind at the goal, she likewise only continues to be a catch under today
Jasmine Fury (Sui)
Jasmine Fury had actually been able to amaze every person at the World Mug and also picked world champion
When it comes to these conditions, nevertheless, they also have a lot to do in the upper area and is directly behind the huge deficit
In the meanwhile she can get something out, however after that there is a lack of a second once more
Fury will likewise have to be further back
Nina Outlier (AUT)
The snowfall appears to obtain more powerful in the beginning area as well as just the professional athletes obtain via top who really go in with full trust
Nina Outlier does not be successful, and she is quite upright all the journey
With 1.79 secs behind it returns to the last place
Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI)
Due statistics by Lara Gut-Behrami is great right here, but today she does not actually discover her race and also gets a great deal of time in the upper part
Can you deal with in your run again?
The deficit continues to be high to the finish and there disappears than 10
Sofia Loggia (ITA)
Sofia Loggia fell in training, however the Italian transforms up again and places every little thing in her run
She takes some flows very closely and delivers her well-known wild journey
Can she currently displace Mowinckel from first area?
With an enormously strong look in the gliding flow and the target incline, she is the brand-new leader with 0.43 seconds!
She pulls her arms up and joys over a strong drive
Ilk Style (SLO)
Lastly, the athletes can not actually attack in the section in which the view is a little worse and also Ilk Style is also one of the slower athletes in the initial area
After that she can turn up once more as well as captures up a lot of time
The platform can no much longer attack Style
With three tenths she is fourth
Kira Wade (GER)

Ski Alpine: Departure of the women in Clans Montana in the real-time ticker for analysis

Great bye!
We bid farewell to a lengthy weekend break in Clans Montana
It proceeds for the females next weekend break in Kvitfjell, where the focus gets on the rate disciplines once again
We exist again as well as desire you a good Sunday!
3 Swiss athletes in the top 10
From the group of Swiss ladies, Joana Fallen (5) as well as Prison Nuder were especially able to encourage in front of a home backdrop, who was still sixth when it was hard
Michelle ISIN additionally wound up in eighth place in the top ten
Lara Gut-Behrami completed her races in 17th place, and settings 19 and also 20 appeared for Stephanie Penal and Corinne Outer
Juliana Outer likewise takes a couple of more factors with him in 29th location
Wade in midfield
Kira Cable captured a phase in the race, in which the sight over was still relatively poor therefore the German could not intervene at the front
With 14th place, she completed the weekend in Switzerland in 14th location
Along with her, there was likewise 25 factors for Emma Richer for the general position
Austrians far back
The Austrians could not do a lot
Miriam Büchner could not tease out greater than tenth location
The second-rate OSV starter was Christina Age with a rather better viewpoint with 15th area. Ariane Adler became 18th Vice World Champion Nina Outlier needed to be pleased with setting 27 as well as Stephanie Veneer (28th) was also much back
Cornelia Hunter, the 31st, was pushed out by Frankenstein
The continuing to be OSV athletes likewise landed beyond the leading 30
Loggia joys the following victory
A challenging downhill race in Clans Montana concerns an end as well as the last professional athlete goes to the surface
Stefanie Frankenstein did an actually excellent work and also was still in the leading 30
In challenging external conditions with little view in the upper incline and also numerous disturbances, it was challenging for the professional athletes today
Sofia Loggia was not impressed by all of this
With a time of 1: 26.81 minutes, she had actually prevailed versus her teammate Federica Brig none with 0.15 secs
Laura Gauche was likewise able to make use of the better sight of higher numbers and also came to be 3rd

Ski Alpine: Departure of the women in Clans Montana in LiveTicker-Das Operating

Katrin Hirtl-Stergassinger (GER)
The last athlete from the German team is likewise vacant at the end of her journey
As a 34th, she drives past the seats, for which there is something countable
Nathalie Goblin (SUI)
Nathalie Goblin is the last professional athlete from the Swiss group
Can she still safeguard the place in the leading 30?
It is just one of those who will certainly locate themselves behind the very best 30
In the end, she lacks greater than four seconds
Emma Richer (GER)
Emma Richer is the terrific talent in the DSV
She does not get to Robinson’s time when a few technological errors slip in, however she additionally does not have to hide with setting 24
Points must make certain today
Alice Robinson (NZL)

After the World Mug, Kira Wade likewise missed out on the vengeance for the title battles
The former vice world champion did not deal with the tough conditions when left in the Swiss Crans-Montana as well as only took the disappointing 14th place in the fifth win of Sofia Loggia (Italy)
Emma Richer took 25th location
In inadequate presence, Wade was missing out on two days after her 27th birthday 0.55 seconds on the Sticker, which the Italian Federica Brig none as well as Laura Gauche from France completed
Up until the 2nd in the meantime, she acted almost her gap of 0.96 seconds at Loggia at the end
She did not actually understand what was taking place at the beginning, stated Wade kinked, this belongs to neglect
Despite the inclines hardened overnight, she missed the pressure under the ski as well as did not find a train: That should not occur.
The entire race weekend break was not an excellent star due to the weather condition
The separation needed to be delayed to Sunday due to haze and also softened inclines, the Super-G was omitted
The second attempt there were changes and a number of disturbances, however the slope was now a lot more portable
However, it had not been simply Wade’s troubles
Jasmine Fury, two weeks ago remarkably globe champion in the supreme self-control, or Olympic champ Corinne Outer (both Switzerland) landed behind her
Loggia was all the happier
It indicates a great deal to me that I did the run by doing this, she claimed for her training autumn on Friday: This is really a relief.


Ski Alpine: Separation of the ladies in Clans Montana

Final outcome
Rank |
1 |
2 |
Brig non
3 |
4 |
5 |

Now it is Kira Wade’s turn!
In the narrow part in the Mowinckel, she too was so solid to combat even more and left most of the moment there
The DSV runner drives the target incline best, but it won’t be enough for the front
Wade swings in sixth place and shakes his head in the target area
Miriam Büchner (AUT)
It is the turn of the first Austrian with Miriam Büchner
She can’t do a lot against the finest time of Mowinckel
In the upper area of the inclines, it leaves a great deal and also even if it drives cleaner near the bottom, it can not capture up sufficient
She will certainly need to find fourth location
Reigned Mowinckel (Neither)
Nuder looks forward to what Reigned Mowinckel can supply currently
Mowinckel has a great speed, drives a tidy strategy and also keeps your radius tight
Mowinckel goes across the goal with 22 hundred stalls and pushes himself to initial location
Breezy Johnson (USA)
Breezy Johnson has currently been able to supply good outcomes on this slope, but today it will certainly not be able to interfere
It can not bring everybody their turns clean as well as has a large space early
The reduced section from the Super-G start is better, it is still difficult in the direction of the podium with 3rd area
Prison Nuder (SUI)
It gets out loud in the stadium area, since Prison Nuder is now the initial professional athlete from Switzerland
In the previous year she had the ability to win the departure right here, what does she show this year?
She still does the initial area well, however then leaves it in the direction of Piano
Can she catch up again near the bottom?
With a thin lead, Nuder concerns starting point in the target area
Laura Piano (ITA)
Laura Piano is the following professional athlete
On top she sheds to the Norwegian, yet after that she obtains better into the departure as well as lowers dramatically to her competitor
With over a second lead, Piano discusses the line
Just how much your run is worth is shown by the next starters
The mood among the Italian is proficient at the surface as well as she can be commemorated by the viewers
Keirsey Kickoff Lie (Neither)
It seems to be able to begin with an excellent half a hr late
Keirsey Kickoff Lie is the initial athlete to take place the inclines
Right away after the beginning, she makes a large blunder and leaves a great deal of time
Also afterwards, points do not run ideally as well as again as well as once again it uses it much outside
She seems to be missing the count on, and she crosses the surface line with 1: 28.57 minutes

Ski Alpine: Separation of the females in Clans Montana in the LiveTicker-before begin

Prior to the beginning: After some forerunners, we ought to start now
The initial starter prepares yourself at the beginning!
Before the start: The view is currently better in the top part, but the snowfall has actually increased
There is still no brand-new information from the jury
Before the beginning: There is still no brand-new begin time from the court, but it should not start promptly at 11:30 a.m., because the top component of the fingers is presently being functioned after the 2nd forerunner has fallen
He was able to stand up separately and turns to the surface
There he passes on his impressions to the court
Prior to the start: Something is now happening at the beginning house
The forgers obtain prepared, and also you are now evaluating the exposure
Right now, the poor view just refers to the first goals
Prior to the start: The waiting video game in Clans Montana goes into the next round
Currently it is wished that the cloud cover will be deformed till 11:30 a.m
Before the beginning: Really, it was wished that the cloud cover would certainly soon be warped again, but after that it still looks like
The sight has even ended up being worse in the last couple of minutes
The cloud cover continues the beginning location
Prior to the start: The Austrian team likewise has some curling iron in the fire again today
Nina Outlier (11), like Miriam Büchner (3) as well as Cornelia Hunter (14), repays opportunities
Stephanie Veneer (16) is absolutely helpful for excellent outcomes
The big section is completed by Ramona Siebenhofer (20), Ariane Adler (24), Tamara Tippler (28) in addition to Christina Age (29) and Nadine (33)
Before the start: Early in the morning the problems were still excellent clans Montana
Simply in time for the beginning of the competition, the problems appear to annoy the professional athletes again
The being was relocated to the rear by 15 minutes
Brand-new begin time is 11:15 a.m

Prior to the beginning: The Swiss group leads Corinne Outer (15), who had actually already made it 3 times this winter season
In addition to her skills in the big team of Swiss groups, Lara Gut-Behrami, that is now on the track with start number 10 today
Prison Nuder (3), Jasmine Fury (12) and Joana Fallen (17) are additionally ideal forever locations
Michelle ISIN (19), Delia Durer (23) as well as Juliana Outer (35), Stephanie Penal (37) and also Nathalie Goblin (43) full the big contingent of Switzerland
Before the start: Kira Wade is additionally for the German team
In two competitions, she was able to go to the platform with third location this period and also general she also reflects on terrific results
When it comes to allowing the top ranges, it is claimed to have them on the item of paper
Today Wade is going into the race with beginning number seven
Along with her, Emma Richer (39) as well as Katrin Hirtl-Sterggassinger (44) form the German group
Prior to the beginning: Sofia Loggia is certainly going as the huge preferred on the attempt today
The Italian had the ability to win 4 of the 6 descents this winter
Beside her, her teammate Elena Burton as well as Ilk Style from Slovenia are extremely examined
Both had the ability to defeat Loggia this winter season
Before the beginning: Really, it would certainly have to be terminated the other day’s departure in the Super-G round-end DA today due to bad weather problems and this is offset today, the originally intended occasion falls level
Can Kira Wade satisfy her aspirations on a medal with a little delay?
Prior to the start: The separation in the Swiss ski location begins in the late morning, the beginning is arranged for 11 a.m
Before the beginning: Hello and welcome to the female’s super-G in Clans Montana!

Ski Alpine: Departure of women in Clans Montana today on television as well as Livestream

You have three contact factors for the lady’s race in Clans Montana
The ZDF changes to Clans Montana at 11.20, you can select in between the television transmission and the real-time stream in the media library of the public gas station
Eurosport reveals it even in full, here you can obtain images from Switzerland at 10.45 a.m
Right here, however, the real-time stream using Discovery+ is linked with prices
If Eurosport becomes part of the video game, you can additionally simply most likely to the gripping thanks for teamwork there
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Ski Alpine: The stand in the World Cup

Rank |
Call |
1 |
Mikaela Shirin |
2 |
Petra Altova |
3 |
Lara Gut-Behrami |
4 |
Federica Brig none |
5 |
Reigned Mowinckel |
6 |
Wendy Goldener |
7 |
Marta Passino |
8 |
Sofia Loggia |
9 |
Elena Burton |
10 |
Sara Hector |