Experience the Magic of Afterimage – Modus Games | 04/25/2023 | PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

  • Publisher: Modes Games
  • Developer (s): Aragon Shanghai
  • Release date: 04/25/2023
  • Platform: PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox Series X | S | one, Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Type of game: Action Adventure, platforms
  • Number of players: 1
    Last night, I opened the Steam catalog in search of a new game, when suddenly I see the demo of Afterimage.
    Without even thinking I install it, because after seeing the trailer I said to myself Yahoo !!!
    The game begins with a kinematics explaining to us the tragic history of the Kingdom of Edwardian.
    The latter is made up of a slightly animated fixed plan, which lets us focus on the story told us.
    We start our adventure with Renee and his Floating Free companion, who patrol in the forest.
    During the demo if free only dialogue with our heroine, I hope that thereafter, he will have a more important utility, as to use magic to help us.
    But this may be reserved for our last box of equipment that we cannot use during this demo.
    Without revealing everything about the menus, in addition to the equipment part, we find a skill tree there as well as a kind of wheel with different authorized to unlock throughout the adventure.
    During the demo alone a dash competence will be usable thanks to the wind mark emblem.
    This skill will allow you not only to reach distant platforms, but also will be very useful during certain fights.
    Speaking of fights, it is impossible to get bored, thanks to a varied bestiary.


Because with each enemy, his tactic to defeat him.
For bosses, it is another pair of the round, it will be impossible for you to beat them if you do not take the time to analyze their movements.
To make this demo, I really took my time, in order to appreciate the magnificent graphics as well as the soundtrack of the game. Besides when you play there, took the time to appreciate the soothing music of the game.
Do not be mistaken this metroidvania is not just a pretty game. It is also a complicated universe in which you can easily get lost at the bend of one of the many corridors.

Its impossibility of crossing a wall without having to make a huge detour.
And all this without any loading time, no cuts when changing room or environment.
The precision of travel, the difficulty against certain bosses will be able to put off more than one.
The level design is certainly a little simple but for me this demo only serves as an introduction to a complete game on which I intend to spend several hours there in order to unravel the miles and a secret that the world of Edwardian contains.