Nintendo Ensures User Safety with Updated List of Prohibited Words on Switch Platform

One thing that characterizes Nintendo is his eternal efforts to maintain his platforms as sure as possible.
Especially for minors who consume their products.
This was the main reason why the company took so long to adapt to the game online, worried about what could happen when the voice chat could happen.
As part of the last firmware update for Switch, is the update of the prohibited words list, which now includes terms that can be related to the tragedies of Sandy Hook and Value, which took place in 2012 and 2022 respectively.
Among the words added on this occasion are organizations such as ISIS.
Names like Adam Lanka, Alex Mission and more.
Any user who includes some words listed in their profile will receive an automatic name change to ??? J when updating their console.


Two years ago there was a similar situation when the company added terms such as Nazi, slave, KKK, just, and covid among many others.

In this case it is known that some rudeness, terminologies and even different ways of writing and spelling Hitler were included.
Via: Kodak
Editor’s note: It is practically impossible to make a platform 100% safe, but we must recognize and appreciate that companies such as Nintendo do not surrender and continue to update their guidelines.