11 Years Later: Please Ubisoft, Bring Back This Ingenious Shooter!

With The Department, Rainbow Six or Much Cry, publisher Ubisoft has generated some effective shooter series.
The Ghost Reconnaissance video games, on the various other hand, made a real collision landing.
It is time to show on the roots of the collection!
A comment by Daniel Bold

the climb and case of Ghost Spy

In 2001 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Spy saw the light of day.
With Each Other with Rainbow 6, SWAT 3 as well as Procedure Flash point, these games specified the style of the tactical shooter.
The success of Ghost Spy caused numerous sequels.
With the increasing popularity of open game globes, the Ghost Reconnaissance collection was also adjusted accordingly.
In 2017, Wild lands’s first open world video game was published.
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The testimonials were combined, yet success justified a sequel.
2 years later on, Breakpoint showed up a follower, but placed on a great collision landing.
The factors for this are functional: the previous strategy series has currently come to be a generic loot shooter that plays players via an unimportant open globe.
A darkness that does not be entitled to the name Ghost Spy.
That is why it is time to assess the former stamina of the series!
This is not essential to return to the beginning.
Instead, Ubisoft Future Soldier should watch again-the last good Ghost Reconnaissance!
Ghost Reconnaissance: Future Soldier Cage Trailer

the perfect mix of stealth and action

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier appeared in 2012 for the PS3, the Xbox 360 and also the PC.
In the tactical third-person shooter, players need to fix different missions as a unique system.
Rather than at Open Globe, Future Soldier counts on diverse degrees, which can be fixed differently many thanks to numerous devices, including the ability to combine with the atmosphere.
The emphasis is primarily on the tactical strategy to covertly turn off the many adversaries.
There are likewise some activity areas that are more reminiscent of COD.
In this way, Future Soldier combines the essentials of the series with contemporary components.


In this regard, it would just be desirable if Ubisoft started here and also the brand name would once more guide more in these instructions.
Many followers would definitely look onward to a possible Future Soldier 2!
By the method: You are currently obtaining Future Soldier on Steam for 3.74 euros.

The PC port needs to deal with some difficulties.
Maybe the small cost deserves the threat.