About 6GO

6GO is a games marketing blog that provides game currency optimization and analysis information. We cover topics like how to get the most out of your in-game purchases, as well as how to make money through advertising.
Our first article was about “How to Get the Most Out of In-Game Purchases,” which has been read or downloaded by over one million people since then! 6GO was founded in September 2013. For our team, we have developed a software tool named GameFabric that allows you to optimize your gameplay and generate more revenue from it.

We always strive to find out what makes the best game currency to share our findings with you! 6GO is a blog designed to help you. We offer tips and advice on making the most of your time and money while playing games. You can also find out when new releases are coming out, access exclusive giveaways, chat with like-minded individuals, and much more. Here at 6GO, we’ve developed a unique approach for game owners. Our team is comprised of writers and developers who work in the industry themselves, and we’re committed to providing unbiased reviews that won’t cause your wallet to cry.